Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18th, 2012

What's Inside?  Part 2

The children enjoyed the large pumpkin so much the past few days and have been talking about it often.  A collection of mini pumpkins were brought to us by a parent for classroom use.  We explored the smaller pumpkins and spent a day drawing on them.  We realized that the pumpkins still had stems, were orange, had long grooves, and were round.  

I then asked the children what they thought was inside the smaller pumpkins.  We looked at a photo story of the children exploring the large pumpkin first.  The photos showed our first feel of the "goo" that was inside.  The photos then told the story of how I cooked the seeds in the oven.  The children have looked at the photo story a few times so they were familiar with it.  I then posed the same question, "what's inside the pumpkin?" for the new smaller pumpkin.  

The children unanimously said seeds and goo.  I asked them if they were sure.  Maybe if it was a smaller pumpkin, it would look different inside.  They were still very insistent.  I opened it up and the children's suspicions were correct.  I left the pumpkin on the table and the children took time independently to collect the seeds.  They want me to cook them again.  I wonder if they will taste the same...