Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21st 2012

This afternoon the children in Ms. Kurtjian’s room spent a lot of time in the kitchen area.  After rest time, several children went to the kitchen area and noticed that the play food was missing.  (Oh No!)  Earlier in the afternoon the teachers had removed it all from the area for a very specific reason.  After the discovery of the missing food, the children gathered on the carpet to discuss what was happening in the kitchen area.  They were informed that Ms. Gillespie had brought in a variety of different vegetables and the children were delighted.  Many of them spent a significant amount of time exploring the foods in different ways.  Some smelled it, felt it, and shook it.  It eventually led to them using knives or their hands to cut into them and explore further.  They cut the foods or broke them with their hands.  Some of the food was easier to cut and others took some serious work, but the children were determined to get inside those foods.  Other food required a lot of peeling.  They carefully peeled back the layers of skin to reach the inside.  The experience they had exploring these foods was invaluable to them.  And lucky for all of you, they are now completely (as completely as children of this age can be) prepared to help you prepare your Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow.  

Hope you all enjoy the holiday.  See you next week.

Ms. Gillespie