Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mrs. Schmidli's Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Caregivers and Parents,

My name is Alina Schmidli and I am one of the winter interns who has been working with your children on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Sarah Kurtjian’s class. After spending some time with the children I noticed there was an interest in light. This all started when a student turned the classroom lights on and off. In the first lesson, I brought flashlights and a variety of tools children could use. I wanted to see why the children were interested in the light. We looked at using mirrors, magnatiles, and a tile with the light. Once the students had their lights, they began to shine them all over different surfaces. The children were looking at the effect of the light. This is where I believe the children were interested in manipulating the light with various tools. They realized the light switch controlled the light. They tried to use the magnatiles to change the color of the light. The children also noticed when you shine the flashlight in the mirror you could see yourself and the light.

             For my second lesson, I decided to have the children look at the magnatiles on the light table. The children were very interested to see what was going to happen with the light table. Once the children got to the learning center, they were asking about the flashlights. I told them we were looking at transparent objects on the light table. A lot of the children noticed when they put their hands over the magnatiles it would change the color on their hands. A child was able to tell me she noticed when you put the red magnatile on the light table it caused the light to be red. Others were interested to see what happened when they put their feet and hands on the light table. Some of the children noticed the solid magnatiles weren't casting a light like the other magnatiles. They noticed these magantiles were different.

             I believe the children are looking at ways to cover up or stop the light from shining. I plan to extend on student's ideas by providing children with an opportunity to block the light with sand. We are going to be exploring the following questions, “How can we cover up the light? Is there a way we can make it so we cannot see the light?” This activity will help children to see ways they can stop a light from shining. Students will be able to understand that for every cause there is an effect. This exploration will help children better understand how light can shine through different materials by observing and engaging in the learning activities. A provocation I want to explore is looking at paper, paint, play dough and fabric to see how these different tools affect the way we can cover up the light.     

 The ECEC works on ways we can focus on partnership and collaboration. We would love it if you would come in and be a part of some of our learning projects. Please feel free to volunteer in our classroom or use this project as a scavenger hunt to find materials in your house we could use. Here are a to few suggestions of materials you can bring, (plastic cups, disco ball, light up items, mini lights, tap lights, Christmas lights, flashlights, or any other see through materials). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or Mrs. Kurtjian.