Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20th 2012

Welcome to Ms. Kurtjian’s classroom blog!  I’m going to take this opportunity to start off discussing what the children have shown interest in these past few days.  Like I have mentioned before, the teachers have been introducing a variety of materials to the children to see how they interact with them, what the children know, and what they would like to do more.  We spent the first week really focusing on scissors and writing utensils.  Those materials are always out for the children to use, so we should gain the knowledge of how to use them properly.


The guinea pigs have always been an area of interest with the children.  We have had multiple discussions about them.  Ellie and Penny are mother and daughter guinea pigs.  They get along very well, even though Ellie (mom) takes food from Penny sometimes- as we have noticed.  Sharing is something we all can be working on!  We are constantly having talks about how to behave around the guinea pigs and what is safe.  The children have noticed that in their free time, Penny and Ellie like to go “up the slide” and eat.  Hopefully we can get to know them more as the weeks pass.
As far as interests of the children, Ms. Gillespie has noticed how much the children enjoy working in the sand table.  It feels good on our hands, and there are many opportunities to work together as a group.  There are many avenues to head down involving the sand table and we will keep you posted as to how we are progressing!