Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16th 2013

For those of you who don't know, Mrs. McAuliffe has been incubating Duck eggs for weeks. Her classroom has been planning and studying the egg growth and designed a home for them when they hatched.  Our classroom has been talking about the eggs and predicting what would come out of them.  We would take trips to the incubator to check if anything was happening.
Over the weekend, Mrs. McAuliffe was keeping the teachers updated as they started hatching.  We were fortunate enough to have quite a few on Monday and have been talking about them ever since.

"I thought they would be smaller.  They look squishy!"

"They're so cute.  I bet they are fluffy and soft.  They have flippers."

"Where did the eggs go?  The mom is on the farm.  They have big noses."

"They are eating with the beaks."

"I thought they were going to be white!"

"I thought they were going to be blue, but they are so cute.  They have web feet so they can swim."

"I wish we could hold them."

If you're interested in seeing them, you can see if it is a good time to walk down and check them out with your child.  And there is always the Exhibit night on the 24th from 4:30-6.  See you there!