Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beginning Instrument Explorations

Ever since the first week, it has been very common to see the children walking around and singing to themselves while they are working.  They have enjoyed learning new school songs during group times.  We have been exploring music in different ways.  So far we like it all.  I’ve been thinking of the interest among all of these aspects of music.    Do the children like to perform?  Do the children like to hear different sounds within music?  Do they prefer to move with the music?  I started off by using instruments as an integral part of this investigation.  Instruments allow the children to sing, dance, explore sounds, and perform for an audience.

Through this exploration of instruments, the teachers have been investigating the sounds that are made.  We may not know the names of instruments, but we can explore with them to try out different strategies.  “It sounds tick tock, like a clock.”  “These are cymbals, but you can also sing music into them.”  

The plan is to keep exploring with instruments to see what we know, what we learned, and what we would like to know in the future.