Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is inside the osage orange

During group time on Tuesday morning we got a chance to reflect on our observations form the week before.  We repeated the 5 senses to describe the orange again before I posed a question:

What is inside the orange?

"I think it's a skeleton.  It's a baby."
"A robot."
"A baby"
"It's glue.  It's sticky.  It's like squishy."
"I think it will smell dirty."
"I think it will smell clean."

After preparing the children during group time, they would visit the opened orange during small group explorations.  They were encouraged to describe it using the words they knew.

"I thought it was a watermelon."
"It's cold.  My hands are sticky."
"It smells like soap.  Kiwi."
"It smells like watermelon."
"Oh wow!  It's green inside!  A seed!"
"Wow.  It's sticky.  I need to wipe my hands."
"It smells like bad."
"They're so hard I can't understand."