Wednesday, May 14, 2014


At the end of last week caterpillars were mailed in to school.  I introduced them on Monday to the children.  We were very excited about them and really enjoyed watching them closely with the magnifying glasses.  Each day we have been observing changes and discussing predictions.  A lot of the children are guessing the caterpillars will grow as big as their arms!

 "It's spikey."

"They're moving!"

"They have 60 legs!"


"They have spikes so they can wiggle up the cup."

"I see they have food to eat and little mouths."

"I see one sleeping."

"They will grow and eat leaves."

We just started discussing the change that is coming up.  Some of the caterpillars have started walking up to the lid already today, so I expect a chrysalis or two soon.  We will keep you posted with our findings!