Thursday, May 29, 2014

Early Childhood Standards

This is just a quick note about what you will be seeing at the bottom of the blog posts lately.  I have started attaching relevant information regarding the Michigan standards for preschoolers.  Depending on the type of lesson the blog post is highlighting, you will see what standards are covered at the end.

Just like elementary grades, there are Michigan standards of quality for preschoolers.  The state of Michigan has defined what is reasonable to expect for all young children to accomplish in multiple domains of development.

Here are the domains:

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Creative Arts
  • Language and Early Literacy Development
  • Dual Language Learning
  • Technology Literacy-Early Learning and Technology
  • Social, Emotional and Physical Health and Development
  • Early Learning in Mathematics
  • Early Learning in Science
  • Early Learning in Social Studies
Under each of these categories is what I am highlighting at the bottom of the blog posts.  For example, one lesson might have been about making blueprints for a house (previous blog post).  Many areas and domains are covered according to the standards.  When children use a pencil to draw their ideas, they are focusing on their fine motor experiences.  When a child communicates their ideas verbally to their teacher or peers, they are using their expressive language.  When the child thinks critically about a house, what it needs, and their own experiences, that child is thinking of their relationship in place.

What is planned for the children has intention behind it and covers many domains of development.  So make sure to look at the end of each blog post for a summary of the lesson's standards.

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